Byzantine Empress Zoe

The Story of Zoe and Her Three Husbands

Once upon a time, in the distant city of Constantinople that was the golden capital of the Roman Empire in the 11th century, lived Princess Zoe. Unfortunately, Zoe’s story diverges from the usual fairy tales with their happy endings. Our Zoe was not a young princess when the story opens.

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Constantine XI Palaiologos, the last emperor of the Byzantine empire

May 29th Commemorations

The day of May 29th coincided in 2017 with several anniversaries of note. It was the 100th anniversary of U.S. President John F. Kennedy’s birth. Also, in the U.S. the Memorial Day holiday when we remember our war dead fell that year on May 29th. The Last Emperor Constantine XI

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Anna Comnena, 12th century princess and writer

Anna Comnena – Europe’s First Woman Historian

Birth and Early Expectations Anna Comnena was the first child of the Eastern Roman emperor, Alexios I Comnenus, born Dec. 1st, 1083 and named after Alexios’s mother, the determined Anna Dalassena. Her father soon betrothed her to Constantine Ducas, the son of a prior emperor, Michael VII Ducas. Young Constantine’s

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