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Imperial Passions, The Porta Aurea, by Eileen Stephenson

I was recently contacted by reader, foodie, and book blogger, Susan Weintrob who really enjoyed reading “Imperial Passions – The Porta Aurea”. She lives in Charleston and her “Expand the Table” website is full of both delicious recipes and wonderful book reviews.

She asked me for an interview and was especially interested in the women I portrayed in the novel, many of whom eventually reached positions of great power – certainly an unusual occurrence in the Medieval period. It was great fun sharing with Susan some of my enthusiasm for and knowledge of Byzantine history. Being a foodie, she had also noticed in the novel my mentions of the foods the people of that time ate. Of course, I had to admit that being the inveterate researcher that I am, I had discovered a couple of books on Byzantine foods. Who knew?

I invite my readers to click on the link below to Susan’s website to check on the interview and her recipe for Crusty Olive Pecan Loaf which sounded like just the thing to enjoy with dinner on a crisp autumn evening in Byzantium. https://www.expandthetable.net/eileen-stephenson-s-imperial-passio


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Eileen Stephenson

Eileen Stephenson

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