Alexios I Comnenus

Anna Comnena, 12th century princess and writer

Anna Comnena – Europe’s First Woman Historian

Birth and Early Expectations Anna Comnena was the first child of the Eastern Roman emperor, Alexios I Comnenus, born Dec. 1st, 1083 and named after Alexios’s mother, the determined Anna Dalassena. Her father soon betrothed her to Constantine Ducas, the son of a prior emperor, Michael VII Ducas. Young Constantine’s mother had helped Alexios gain …

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marble slab in the Hagia Sophia bearing the name of Enrico Dandolo

Alexios I Comnenus, Economics & Long Term Consequences

Alexios I could not have anticipated this result when he signed his agreement with Venice in 1082. Guiscard’s menace was immediate and he had to address it, however he could manage it. Still, if Alexios’ understanding of economics had been better, he might have agreed to the concessions for a period of time, perhaps 10-20 years, limiting its impact on both the Byzantines and Venetians.